imputeTS v3.1 now on CRAN

The newest version (3.1) of the imputeTS package is now on CRAN. It is a major update with all kinds of improvements and additions. Especially the plotting functions are updated and the new visualizations look great. ( Check out the gallery of missing data plots)

Main (visible) new features:

  • Plotting functions are all in ggplot now (way better looking, better adjustable)

  • Plotting functions got new names (ggplot_na_distribution, ggplot_na_intervals, ggplot_na_gapsize, ggplot_na_imputations)

  • Speedup for ggplot_na_gapsize calculation

  • Added harmonic and geometric mean as option for na_mean

  • Removed bug in na_replace -for NA only vectors

  • Improved na.random input check (usable with all NA input now if upper and lower bound paramters are exlicitly set to numeric values)

  • Added additional missing data stats to statsNA function (Number of Gaps, Average Gap Size)

  • Added the imputeTS Cheat Sheet as Vignette

  • Added new vignette ‘Gallery Missing Data Visualizations’