First Post, new Website made with blogdown

Welcome to my new webpage.

If you are interestend in how the website was created: I used an R package called blogdown - which uses hugo ( All development and changes were made in the RStudio IDE. I used the academic theme for hugo.

The website itself can also be found on my GitHub Repo. I can only recommend using this approach, since a website update is basically just a git commit. Hosting is free (it is on GitHub). Of course this only works for static websites.

I got inspired to build this website by a workshop about ‘building a website with blogdown in R’ by Tatjana Kecojevic at European R Users Conference 2020 . Here is the material with a step to step guide:

Steffen Moritz
Steffen Moritz
Research Associate

My research interests include missing data methods,time series imputation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.